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FOCUSED DIRECTION helps people develop their identity while managing life or in the case of teenagers, their independence. You may say you know who you are, but often we are defined by our past that we have just accepted as our identity. 

Why is it important to learn WHY we are who we are? Because we can think more clearly making conscious choices about how to react to any situation. This awareness brings about reduced stress, overwhelm and self-defeating thinking.

Most people know deep down something needs to change, they just didn't know how to make it happen. FOCUSED DIRECTION helps people become secure in their identity, thus creating healthier choices for life, including family relationships, school, careers and self-acceptance. The interesting piece is that the more confident people get with their choices the ability to see opportunities to continue to develop also increases.

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Action can be scary, but it's what moves us forward.

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Photography by: Jake Melara